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'Til the End! Part 2 Bucket-Kick Out - Part 2
A Twist of Life!
Image revealed
Gender 1 (Part 1)
Species Object Land Again
Team December 28, 2018
Episode eliminated February 6, 2019
Friends Landxercise
Enemies TBA
Color TBA

Back from the Predating - Part 1 (japanese as The Predating Requiem!! - Volume 1, £π€¥£π£ππ!! - π£€¥£^`~ 1) the first part episode of Object Land Again. It will first air on December 28, 2018 in Japan, and it will second air on February 6, 2019 in the United States.

Synyopis Edit

A new requiem has been built?! Sunsuu, Egerchan, and Zapphire are making their own hotel in history in Japan! Bowmero is setting the new Elimination area!! What if happens if the deader requiem and the cave ghost find out that's real?! Find out in this anime episode!!! 

Plot Edit

It starts when Sunstone and Sapphire combine together as a machine. It destroyed the bestie' cover, which has built back in Object Land Reloaded. She woke up and saw Emerald welcoming him to the Illusion Island. She got up and told her how he got here, and the she panicked. He told her to stop, and then Raspberry came. She told her he wanted some advice, but then, Rangurkpphire jumped out of a plane. He welcomed himself into ideas, in a rough-tough voice. One of them were asking each other, and Nickel and Sandwich came. Nickel was shaped like an octagon, shaped like talking as a new voice actor like Balloon did. Sandwich was eating a cabbage of flying birds, and Sapphire was trying to get rid of him by using a hammer (because that's hers) and said that's hers. Sandwich said "What? It's free!!'" And Emerald explains to her that's he telling the truth.