"Epiwssa, tnedicca na ti gördüm." - Asteroid, Macera İçin Kayıp Kalem


Voiced by DormLifeOfficial/Slash10053
Gender Male
Species Asteroid
Team Team Lollipop
Episode eliminated Musical Mayhem
Place 19th
Friends Who were their Friends?
Enemies Who were their Rivals?
Color Gray

Asteroid, labled The confusing chunk of space rock, is a male contestant on Object Land. (write the rest)


Asteroid is a male contestant on Object Land and is part of Team Gumball. In episode 1 he reffered can speak, but the only person who really knows its gender is Tack. He fell from the planet of Cragenkstahn as seen in episode one, crashing into Bowling Ball. He can't seem to speak English properly because of the lack of a face, yet it can understand it well.

He can be nice but also very rude when angered and say cruel comment in Cragenkstahnish, even to his friends. Not much else is known about Asteroid yet due to the lack of screentime.


The Quest for the Lost PencilEdit

Asteroid does not have as much screentime compared to other characters in this episode. He crashes to earth and hits Bowling Ball, right on time as he was about to attack Crayon. Later on in the challenge, Asteroid is eliminated due to Gumball asking him if his her friend, which Asteroid doesn't reply too and so is kicked off, yet Gumball later forgives him, allowing Asteroid to join her team. After than he isn't seen in the Team Challenge, and isn't in a deleted scene either.

Muscial MayhemEdit

Asteroid was mostly in the elimination this episode, due to being eliminated. Despite Lollipop getting the most votes, she was given Immunity by begging Emerald to give him to her because Crayon can't speak, leading to Asteroid (Who would have been the last one safe) leaving first.


  • Asteroid does have a gender, yet it is male by everybody but Tack so, it's probably a girl.
  • He is also from Cragenkstahn, and speaks it's language fluently.
  • Despite not being able to talk English, Asteroid can understand it
  • Asteroid and Balloon are the only two contestants with no limbs
  • Asteroid would have not been eliminated first if Lollipop wasn't given immunity.


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